keskiviikko 27. elokuuta 2014

Get together day for Exchange students

Last time the Get together day was organized in February and almost forty exchange students took part in this awesome day in Hämeenlinna. This autumn, on 3rd of October the Get together day will be organized again for the newly arrived exchange students of HAMK!

The programme will be pretty much the same as in the spring and personally I hope that this time we would have a little bit better weather so that we would be able to visit the beautiful Aulanko Park Forest and to enjoy the great forest scenery there.

In February I remember that the event was liked and new friendships were formed especially during the bowling session. Also most of the participators really enjoyed the possibility to visit a historical castle in the middle of Hämeenlinna. Harri Tuomola will also be this time having his part in the program so no one will need to be afraid to be bored in the auditorium either!

Some picks from feedback from February:

"It was awesome to be toured around in Häme Castle"
"I appreciate all the benefit from this event! Congratulations to the organizers"
"Bowling was awesome fun and highly enjoyable"

I am looking forward to see the new exchange students on 3rd of October!

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Iikka Pietilä